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custom trailers

We Never Sell The Same Item Twice

     A Howe-built trailer is a smart investment.  Unlike the flimsy, one-size-fits-all models sold at your local hardware store, a Howe-built product is designed to withstand the weight and usage requirements of your specific application.
     For example, a 3 by 4 foot landscaper's trailer, designed to haul a leaf blower would bedesigned with quite different parameters than that of a 35 foot heavy duty concrete form hauler.
     Whatever your trailer requirements are however, we take special care to assure that your trailer is configured to meet your unique usage requirements.

A Trailer That's Built Around You

     At Howe Truck & Trailer, you're an integral part of the design process.  That means your input will be used to help determine size, configuration, and anticipated usage.  And we'll include special add-ons like tie downs, mesh siding, or tailored decks that will make your job faster and easier.

More Trailer For Your Money

     Howe Truck & Trailer will build your trailer with the durability and high performance you want - at a price you can afford.  Our trailers are constructed with high quality structural tubing that withstands road salt, weather extremes, and difficult terrain.  Whether it's a light-duty or a heavy-duty model, every trailer we make is exceptionally rugged, efficient, and competitively priced.

A Family Custom

     Custom fabrication has been a specialty since we began our business in 1919.  Today, more than 90 years later, Howe Truck & Trailer still provides first-quality workmanship in custom tooling and machining of parts right on our premises.  And we'll design, fabricate, assemble, and finish your trailer to your specifications at our own plant - a service virtually unheard of in the industry.

Fast Delivery Because You Can't Wait To Get Your Trailer

     Whether it's for business or personal use, you won't wait long for delivery.  In most cases, we can have your trailer ready for pick-up within just two to three weeks of your order.

We'll Always Be Here For You

     Once you buy a Howe-built trailer, you're assured of prompt, knowledgeable, personal service long after the sale.  You can depend upon a ready stock of repair parts including wheels, axles, couplers, brakes, tires, jacks, lighting, trailer hitches, and more.  You can also depend upon skilled Howe tech personnel to perform structural and welding repairs even as you wait.

"When my name goes on a trailer, you can be sure
it meets the highest standards of quality,
craftsmanship, and performance."
                                                                                                - Wayne Howe
                                                                                                Owner, Howe Truck and Trailer

The Howe Warranty

     All of our trailers are fully warranted for one full year including parts and labor.  The standard exclusions of negligence, abuse, and normal wear and tear apply.

Anything You Can Do, We Can Help You Do Better
  • Heavy Duty Hauling
  • Refuse/Recycling
  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Boat Hauling
  • Car Carriers
  • Horse and Stock Trailers
  • Multiple Canoe Haulers
  • Homeowners' Trailers
  • And Many Other Applications...
Get In Touch With The Company That's In Touch With You

     For more information on how custom-built Howe trailers can improve your performance and efficiency while reducing your costs, give us a call or stop by our plant.  Also, you can click Contact Us to send us a message directly from this site.


(Please call or contact us here for price and availability)

                                                                                 5 x 8 Howe Landscape Trailer
                                                                                 12" railing
                                                                                 2990 lb gvw
                                                                                 Fold down ramp gate
                                                                                 Tie loops


             6½' x 16' Howe Equipment Trailer                      5' x 8' Interstate-1 Trailer                       6' x 10' Interstate-1 Trailer
             16' flat deck, Tandem Axle                                 Tilt bed                                                 Charcoal, Wedge nose
             10,000 lb gvw                                                     Wood sides                                           32" Side door, 6'1" Inside height
             Adjustable ladder type ramps                             2990 lb gvw                                          Rear ramp door, LED Lights
             D-rings                                                                15" tires                                                 ATP Stoneguard, Dome Light


                                                                           4' x 8' Interstate-1 Trailer                                 5' x 8' Interstate-1 Trailer                
                                                  Tilt bed                                                           4'6" Inside Height                                       
                                                  2000 lb gvw                                                    ATP Stone Guard                         
                                                  Wood sides                                                     Rear Stabilizer Jacks                     
                                                  13" tires                                                          Roof Vent, LED Lights                    

                                                                              7' x 14' Interstate-1 Trailer
                                                                              6'6" Inside Height, Wedge Nose
                                                                              32" Side Door, Rear Stabilizer Jacks
                                                                              ATP Stoneguard, Roof Vent
                                                                              Dome Light, LED Lights                                              

                  4'6" x 8' Aluma Trailer                                 4'3" x 10'5" Aluma Trailer                      8½' x 10' Aluma Trailer
                  Single Axle                                                  Single Motorcycle Trailer                      Snow Mobile trailer
                  2000 lb gvw                                                 2000 lb gvw, V-Nose                               Tilt Bed, LED Lights
                  Ramp Gate                                                  Rock Guard, Wheel Chock                      2 Ski Hold-Downs
                  Optional side racks                                       Slide Under Ramp                                 Optional side racks


                5'3" x 10' Aluma Trailer                                 6' x 10' Aluma Trailer                                 5'3" x 8' Aluma Trailer
                2000 lb gvw                                                   2995 lb gvw                                                2000 lb gvw
                Bi-Fold Ramp Gate                                        Bi-Fold Ramp Gate                                    Ramp Gate, LED Lights
                LED Lights                                                     LED Lights                                                  Optional side racks or solid sides
                Optional side racks                                         Optional side racks                                    

                 7'4" x 8'4" Aluma Trailer                               4' x 6' Aluma Trailer                                     5'3" x 8' Aluma Trailer
                 ATV Trailer                                                   1200 lb gvw                                                  2000 lb gvw, LED Lights
                 2200 lb gvw                                                  Ramp Gate                                                   Bi-Fold Ramp Gate
                 Drive On/Drive Off                                         12" Tires                                                       Optional side racks or solid sides
                 Side Racks                                                    Optional side racks                                      

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